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BORN: 05/01/2021

SEX: Male


MARL ARRIVAL: October, 2023 | Maize was surrendered by his owner

BACKGROUND: Meet Maize! Maize is not your ordinary kitty; he's a delightful blend of sweetness, playfulness, independence, and intelligence, making him the perfect addition to any home. He has a wide vocabulary of meows, chirps, and trills that he uses to communicate his desires and emotions. You'll always know what's on his mind, whether he's requesting treats, attention, or just sharing his thoughts on the day! Maize is a true play enthusiast. From chasing feather toys to pouncing on laser pointers, he brings endless energy and entertainment to your home! While Maize adores your company, he also values his independence. He's the kind of cat who enjoys exploring nooks and crannies around the house, and you'll often find him perched in high places, surveying his kingdom with a regal air. It's important to note that Maize thrives as the center of attention and prefers to be the only cat in the household. While he adores human company, he may find it challenging to share his space and affection with other feline companions. If you're looking for a devoted and exclusive feline friend, Maize is the perfect choice. He'll shower you with all his love and attention, making your bond even stronger as the one and only cat in his world!

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