(WXYZ) — Grab your furry sidekicks and snuggle in on the couch, because Yappy Week is just around the corner!

The Michigan Animal Rescue League (MARL) is excited to introduce it’s first-ever virtual fundraising event. Celebrate all the shelter super heroes that make MARL a different breed of shelter by visiting yappyweek.org from June 1-7!

“Yappy Week” is an online take on the shelter’s popular Yappy Hour fundraiser. The decision to cancel Yappy Hour came about this spring in response to COVID-19. As the virus became more prevalent, MARL was faced with the difficult task of what to do about its biggest annual fundraiser scheduled for June 4th. The decision was eventually made not to cancel the event, but to transform it into a one-of-a-kind virtual celebration!

Yappy Week features everything guests love about Yappy Hour and more. Support the shelter by purchasing a virtual ticket and see YOUR pet’s photo on the “Guest List” gallery! Visit the “Ball Pit” page to watch the cutest MARL animals play in their ball pit and learn how it can change their lives. Unlock exclusive videos from Team MARL, including a tour of their new facility, how to make a signature “Salty Dog” cocktail, updates on past adoptions, an d so much more!

This year the animals need a super hero more than ever. Join MARL in celebrating Yappy Week and show homeless cats and dogs that nothing can stop our mission to give them a second chance.

Visit https://www.yappyweek.org/ now for a sneak peek and to learn about all the ways YOU can be a hero.

UPDATE: The event website at yappyweek.org is no longer available to view.

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