MARL’s adoption program is a matchmaking process that combines our commitment to each animal’s well-being with our intention of providing adopters with a positive adoption experience and a match that will last a lifetime.

Through honest and clear communication our goal is to achieve the best possible adoption outcome for each animal and each potential adopter.Throughout the process potential adopters have the opportunity to spend one-on-one time with the animal they are considering, introduce all members of the family to the animal (including dogs when applicable) and engage in conversations with our knowledgeable team members. Our staff is here to offer information and thoughts on everything from an animal’s history, behavior tendencies and medical situation to advice on nutrition, training and care.

We take the time to connect with potential adopters and that doesn’t end once the adoption is complete. MARL provides adopters with complete medical records, recommendations on how to smoothly transition their new pet into their home and best practices in animal care. Our team remains available as a resource for every dog and cat’s lifetime.

IMPACT: MARL adopts approximately 800 animals into loving homes each year.



Meet Belle

Belle arrived at MARL today in the most deplorable condition imaginable after she was found alone, lying lifelessly in a nearby park. She is severely dehydrated and emaciated, suffering from painful eye ulcers, has severe anemia, and... Read More