“MARL has kept me and my best friend together. Sometimes life gets hard. Losing my dog would have been the worst thing that could happen to me. MARL helped me with food, advice, and even helped Seven when she was sick. I can’t even think about where Seven and I would be without MARL.”

– Greg, Outreach client and Best Friend to Seven

MARL’s Outreach Program is the ultimate effort to keep animals with their families in the homes they know and love. Our clients are local pet owners who want to provide their pets with proper care but are struggling in some way.

We provide cat and dog food as well as supplies to low-income households, and in specific cases, low-cost medical care.

The staff at MARL is also committed to acting as a source of pet care information and education for our community. Some examples include providing options for low-cost spay and neuter, educating dog owners about heartworm disease, and explaining the importance of annual vet care.

In addition, MARL promotes and assists animal welfare efforts throughout our community by actively supporting local outreach and rescue programs working to combat animal cruelty. We have relationships with many groups and work together to achieve this common goal.

IMPACT: Over 300 animals in the Pontiac community benefit from the outreach program annually.

Click here to learn more and apply for MARL’s outreach program.



Meet Belle

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