Community Cats


You have found a cat outside—what’s next? The answer can be different depending on the circumstances and the cat at hand. 

If the cat looks well-fed, healthy and is friendly, it may be owned by someone nearby. By catching it and bringing it to a shelter, chances are it will likely never be reunited with its owner. Leaving the cat be if it is not in distress may be better for the cat and its owner.

If the cat looks underweight, sickly or is in distress but is friendly, it may be a stray or abandoned cat. Strays in Oakland County can be brought to our facility and are reported to the county in accordance with State law.

All intakes are by appointment only, please contact our front desk to schedule an appointment if you have found a stray or abandoned cat. 

If the cat looks well-fed and healthy but is skittish and avoids humans, it likely is a feral cat or community cat. Community cats are unowned cats who live outdoors and who have never been socialized with people. These cats are fearful of people and are not likely to ever become a lap cat or enjoy living indoors. Shelter environments are not ideal for community cats since adoption is not likely and bringing them to any shelter can result in euthanasia. Community cats are well adapted to survive and thrive outdoors and are best left alone unless intervention is absolutely necessary.

If medical intervention is necessary, a local TNR database can be accessed here:


More information about TNR can be found here:

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