Surrender & Intake

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MARL assists owners who must surrender their animals by providing a safe haven where they can comfortably surrender their animal.

This process includes a review of an animal’s medical and behavioral history, transfer of vet records and an open and honest conversation about how the animal will be cared for and evaluated for adoption.

MARL also accepts animals found as strays in partnership with Oakland County Animal Control, receives animals who have been abandoned at our facility and actively supports local municipal shelters when they are overcrowded or are looking for alternatives for animals who would benefit from the specialized type of care that MARL can provide.

IMPACT: MARL accepts between 800-1,100 animals annually.



Meet Belle

Belle arrived at MARL today in the most deplorable condition imaginable after she was found alone, lying lifelessly in a nearby park. She is severely dehydrated and emaciated, suffering from painful eye ulcers, has severe anemia, and... Read More