Be a hero for the kittens at MARL today.

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We are currently looking for bottle baby kitten fosters to join our volunteer team!

Young kittens require round-the-clock care that includes bottle feeding, close monitoring for weight gain, and lots of love and affection to reassure them that they’re in good hands. This is where our bottle baby fosters come in!

The true heroes of kitten season are the foster families who give their time and energy to provide whatever it takes to keep our tiniest and most fragile residents happy and healthy.

To learn more about this rewarding opportunity, please click the button below.

You would be a good candidate for bottle baby fostering if:
-You have availability throughout the day for feedings. This can sometimes mean every few hours, day and night, for the first few weeks.
-You have a space in your home where the kitten(s) can be housed separately from other animals.
-You are available to come to our shelter for regular visits.

-You are willing to communicate with our team regularly regarding the health of your kitten(s)


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We strive to help every kitten that comes to our door,
but we can’t do it without you.
If you would like to learn more about fostering bottle baby kittens and what it entails, please complete the form below. It does not commit you to anything, but will give us your information and allow us to provide you with additional details to see if fostering is right for you.





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