Countless animals arrive at our doorstep in desperate need of help. We have received dogs who are paralyzed, had cats abandoned in our parking lot, and seen strays arrive starving and wounded. MARL is dedicated to being here for these animals, and that remained true even during this challenging year.

As the pandemic swept the world, animal shelters across the country started closing their doors. Although we knew the risks in staying open, we also knew that our community needed us more than ever. MARL continued our work and sure enough animals in need poured through our doors. Two of those animals were siblings Dotty and Dory.

Dotty and Dory are among the most traumatized dogs MARL has ever seen. They came to us from another shelter and immediately showed signs of a harsh past. These sisters would shove themselves under their bed, huddle together in the far corner of their kennel, and barely eat or drink. After weeks of gentle care from Team MARL, it became clear that they had not been treated with kindness before.

Staff, volunteers, and fosters worked together not only to make Dotty and Dory feel safe but to help them find the perfect home. They have since been adopted by a forever family who’s helping them discover confidence and joy with specialized training and unconditional love.

MARL never gave up on Dotty and Dory, and we quickly learned how rare that was. After their adoption, we learned that MARL was the fourth shelter these dogs had been to. They were first rescued from a neglectful situation and shuffled between three different rescues in Arkansas and Oklahoma before finding sanctuary at MARL. We are proud to be able to put a stop to this kind of uncertainty and suffering.

We know that this has been a hard year on everyone. But MARL is committed to staying open and helping these animals who need our type of dedicated care. We hope that you too are committed to our mission. Any amount you can give will be a meaningful gift. It will help MARL continue to save lives and give hope to animals like Dotty and Dory.


Dotty & Dory

Dotty and Dory’s family report that they are making great improvements in their new home. They are learning how to play with toys, love being outside, eat homemade hamburger and rice, receive special rehabilitative training, and follow their new mom to bed every night.