At the HEART of our mission are three essential programs which take place within our building’s walls.

MARL’s Medical Program strives to provide comprehensive care to each animal arriving at our doors. Many arrive with existing medical issues, injuries, or the consequences of a lifetime without vet care. Your support of our medical program ensures that MARL can continue to provide each animal with the specialized care he or she needs.

Support for the Medical Program could include the funding of:

  • emergency medical treatment
  • specialized training and schooling for staff
  • recruitment of licensed veterinary technicians
  • a full-time, on-site veterinarian

MARL’s Socialization and Training Program truly sets MARL apart from other shelters. We believe “the quality of the wait” can make all the difference in the future of an animal. It is imperative for an animal’s well-being to retain or regain his or her ability to connect with people and other animals. Our dogs and cats receive exercise time, snuggle time, training, behavioral support, and most importantly, quality time with people who love them.

Support of the Socialization and Training Program could include the funding of:

  • training and agility equipment
  • a certified behaviorist to focus on those dogs and cats with more challenging issues to overcome
  • staff to work exclusively on animal socialization, behavior, and stress-reduction

MARL’s Community Outreach Program is the ultimate effort to keep animals with the families who want to provide them with proper care but are struggling in some way. MARL provides cat and dog food to low-income households, and in specific cases we offer no-cost medical care. In addition to our partnerships with low-cost spay and neuter initiatives, MARL proudly partners with local nonprofit outreach groups to provide straw and other supplies to animals who live chained or otherwise confined outdoors in all weather. We use these opportunities to build relationships with and educate owners on compassionate pet care, and offer them a safe place to surrender their dogs or cats if they need to.

Support of our Community Outreach Program could include the funding of:

  • medical care
  • spay & neuter initiatives
  • humane education projects
  • pet food and supplies

Supporting a program is a meaningful way to ensure that the MARL services that are most important to you are ongoing and thriving. Naming opportunities exist around our programs and services either through cash or planned gifts.

Please contact Magee Humes at (248) 335-9290 or mhumes@marl.org to discuss naming opportunities for programs, or click here to view naming opportunities for MARL’s new service areas.

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