One of the first questions we hear regarding each of our animals is, “What’s their story?” or “Where did they come from?”. Every dog and cat in our care has a unique story with one thing in common – their future depended on the care that MARL could provide.

Take Snickers for example. At a glance, Snickers looks like a happy-go-lucky, playful kitten. But it wasn’t long ago that Snickers was hurting and alone after being thrown out of a moving truck and left on the side of the road.


Horton, a friendly and frisky 6-month-old kitten, was left behind when his family moved out of their apartment. He and his brother, Tim, were alone for days before anybody even knew they were locked inside.

snickers 1

Meet Francis and you’ll see a happy, wiggly little puppy who can’t wait to be your best friend. But upon closer look you’ll find a seriously deformed leg, a cut ear, and old bite wounds all over her body – all signs of a traumatic past.

snickers 2

The stories don’t stop there. We have had dogs who were found dodging cars in the road. Newborn kittens brought in a carryout box freezing and clinging to life. Puppies left on our doorstep who were too weak to stand.

We wish we could tell you these stories are uncommon, but they’re not. You may not see animals like these every day, but we assure you that they’re here, right now, and they desperately need our help.

Snickers, Horton, and Francis are all now in loving homes. It took the generosity of people like you to get them here. Please consider making a donation to help provide care for animals in need. No matter what their story is – they need our help.