Numerous animals were accepted into MARL’s care this week, several of which were found wandering outside alone.

Teacup was one of them.

At just nine months old, Teacup has already experienced her fair share of hardship. She was found sitting outside of someone’s front door in the rain, cold and begging for food, before she was picked up and brought to MARL. We believe she had been surviving outdoors for several months. Upon arrival, Teacup was extremely dehydrated and emaciated, weighing in at just four pounds.

Teacup has been receiving much-needed love and medical care from our staff and volunteers and is relieved to finally be somewhere safe surrounded by people who love her.

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Without MARL, where would Teacup be? Because of your support, we won’t ever have to know the answer.

Please consider making a special gift to MARL today. With your support Teacup and animals like her will receive that second chance they all deserve.

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