Why Now?

MARL’s original building was over 65 years old, overcrowded, and deteriorating both internally and externally. We had the ability to reach more animals and save more lives, but the physical constraints and outdated systems of our building just wouldn’t allow it.

The Major Issues We Faced Were:

1.  An outdated configuration that was stressful for animals.

The greatest benefit we can offer our animals is a calm, comfortable environment in which to thrive. Our original building did not provide noise control or proper separation of animals, resulting in an environment that was loud and stressful for many animals.

2.  Poor Air Exchange

The poor air exchange and lack of isolation areas for sick animals in our original building impeded our ability to mitigate health risks. These deficiencies can cause healthy animals to become sick and lengthen their stay at the shelter.

3.  Inadequate Square Footage

  • Our lobby was very small and posed a potential safety issue when we were taking in animals within the same small space in which we were conducting other business with the public.
  • We had volunteers who wished to socialize and spend time with our animals, but the lack of physical space to do so minimized the amount of time animals could spend with people.
  • The crowded environment was unpleasant for potential adopters and other guests. Parking was insufficient; guests often had to wait for a parking space or park across the street. Potential adopters were asked to wait to meet animals until a meeting space opened up, and animal introductions were frequently interrupted by pass-through traffic. We want to eliminate all obstacles to adoption and unfortunately our building created several obstacles of its own.
  • Storage space was limited. We had to pay to utilize off-site storage and have had to decline product donations due to lack of storage space.
  • We did not have a secure place to park our service vehicles overnight.

4.  Challenging, Inefficient Work Spaces

  • MARL’s original building made it difficult for the staff to do their jobs effectively.  Work areas were constrained and lacked dedicated, properly-equipped spaces for such necessities as evaluating animals upon arrival, temperament testing dogs, and sanitizing and cleaning animal areas.
  • The configuration and animal housing was outdated and not only presented a safety concern when dealing with animals with behavior issues, but also placed avoidable stress upon frightened or otherwise traumatized animals.
  • Our veterinary and medical staff were limited by subpar medical space and capabilities. This resulted in frequent trips to outside veterinarian facilities, leading to significant cost increases and unnecessary stress on the animals.

Why MARL? And Why Now?

What Makes MARL A Different Breed of Shelter?

  1. MARL accepts animals that other shelters might turn away or have already turned away. That means older animals or those arriving sick or injured are accepted into our care and given a new chance for a happy life.

  2. MARL believes that the “quality of the wait” can make all the difference in the future of an animal. While at MARL our animals have exercise time, snuggle time, and most importantly, quality time with people who love them.
  3. At MARL, we take the time to match animals with a lifelong home. We aren’t about getting animals out the door; we’re about being honest and making a match that will last a lifetime.
  4. MARL NEVER euthanizes for space. We only consider euthanasia in cases of extreme aggression or medical issues that will compromise an animal’s quality of life. MARL maintain’s a 100% save rate of healthy and treatable animals.
  5. MARL provided life-saving care to over 1,500 animals in 2018.
  6. MARL’s community outreach program is the ultimate effort to keep animals with the families who love them. In 2018, MARL provided outreach supplies and services to over 400 animals.
  7. The size of MARL’s operation allows us to provide specialized care to our animals and our guests. It also allows donors to immediately see the unmistakeable impact of their support.

Why A New Building?

  1. u0EUzhBg 1A new building has become an absolute necessity. MARL is responding to the needs of the community by saving record numbers of animals who are arriving in desperate need. Animal intakes have increased 122% in the past five years.
  2. MARL’s physical structure was more than 65 years old, overcrowded, and deteriorating. Our ability to reach more animals and save more lives was prohibited only by the physical constraints and outdated systems of our building.
  3. The careful, purposeful design of this renovation will allow us to better meet the needs of even more animals and the overall community.
  4. MARL has acquired a parcel of land adjoined to our existing site.
  5. A lead donor committed to match any gifts made to the building campaign in 2019 up to $2 million.
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